Thursday, January 29, 2015

Listability Part III

Five Best Things to Have in Cold Weather
1. Hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course)
2. A heated blanket (this gets difficult with no electricity I.e. stuck in a blizzard)
3. Fuzzy socks and really warm ones at that
4. Heated car seats (ooooh)
5. Remote start to defrost your car (my favorite)

Five Phrases I Hear Around Me Often
1. Don't you wish we lived in Hawaii?
2. Do you have a Starbucks card?
3. LOL (this would be people who actually say the abbreviation out loud in a conversation because they think it's hip- it's not...)
4. What day is it?!?!
5. Coords?

Five Things I Keep In My Car
1. First aid kit
2. Nasal decongestant (which someone actually left IN my car a year ago and dammit they will take it back)
3. Reusable shopping bags
4. Chapstick
5. A hanger for my business suit

Five Places Not to Go For Coffee
1. A gas station
2. Denny's
3. A mall kiosk
4. A food truck
5. Jiffy Lube (they offer free coffee but don't drink it!)

Five of My Type-A Panic Buttons
1. Doors halfway open
2. Scuffed shoes (ahhhhhhh)
3. Uneven alarm clock times (I.e. 5:32 am)
4. Leftover time on a microwave
5. Tangled cords

Short post after not posting forever!!!