Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things I wish I knew when...I was a kid

1. No one actually cares that your crayons are Crayola or Dollar Tree brand.
2. Packed lunches are way more awesome than cafeteria food.
3. Be nice, you never know who will be your boss one day.
4. Be truthful, friends are much more important in quality than quantity.
5. Being the teacher's pet is a good thing.
6. Grades are ranked with A being outstanding, not F.
7. Bullies are insecure and they don't disappear after grade school. Be strong.
8. That old poem? Sticks and stones...? It's true. 
9. The fewer signatures in your yearbook, the more friends you have. Truly.
10. Birthday party invitations don't define your popularity status.
11. Love your hobbies and practice them. They make you unique.
12. Braces are worth the pain.
13. You won't ever use the Train A/Train B math problem. Ever.
14. You'll have plenty of time to be a grown up, but not a lot to be a kid.
15. Take pictures. Lots. Small moments are the ones we forget.
16. Beauty is not defined by others. Rock those bellbottoms.
17. Coloring inside the lines is not nearly as fun as coloring on the outside.
18. Being picked last for a team is doesn't mean you don't matter. It means you matter the MOST.
19. Read as much as you can.
20. Spend time with your family.
21. There's a lot of people in this world. You're not alone.
22. You are loved.
23. Drugs never solve your problems.
24. Violence never solve your problems.
25. Go big or go home. Always.