Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Jocelyn Project [Prologue]

                In the tallest tower in the city, on the highest floor, in the most private room, a high council simply called the Table met. It consisted of 12 women and 12 men, all of whom were very powerful witches and warlocks. They had risen to power through not a bureaucratic but a totalitarian system. The oppressed people and creatures to which the council ruled worked for them day and night, in ordinary jobs, but for no money. They worked plainly to live. The more hours they put in, the more access they had to medical and longevity activities. Mortals worked the hardest, but even those born as immortals had to work because the Table suppressed their natural born powers in order to prevent an uprising. 

                In the deepest basement of the tallest building, there were witch and warlock soldiers, like me, who trained day and night to become strong and cunning. Their life goal was to protect and defend the Table who in turn would allow them access to their own private apartments and necessities. They trained plainly to do the Table’s bidding and were told nothing otherwise. Unbeknownst to these elite few hundred that trained, an all out inter-world war was on the horizon…

                For the fate of the council and their position of power was in crisis. The meeting was focused quite intensely on a plan that was foolproof. An intricately designed plan to secure a future for the Table which proved most beneficial to them was set into action. A rather strange time frame was given to the plan, aptly a project which would be the only of its kind. All attention and resources went into this project and most assuredly all eyes…if that’s what they could be called. 

And so began the Jocelyn Project.