Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poetry Slam 2010

And still this nagging, persistent and seemingly permanent feeling of the temporality of life remains. It is in my best interests that I feed off the elixir of life and nourish my soul but in my worst interests that I starve my soul to maintain my awareness of everything?

Perhaps I will one day walk among a forest, one with a footbridge floating over a forever serene body of water with glowing images of many moons above me. The stars in the sky are comets, long tear streaks on the face of the heavens for the immorality of man and his selfishness. 

The trees are softly swaying in a gentle breeze that hits every branch on its way through an infinite cycle of earthly motions.

And at the bottom of the sea, the very bottom, there will be a tiny fish who is scared and alone but hopeful that one day humanity will end so that peace may be restored to the earth. 

It is maybe too much for me to assume the heavens would not miss mankind, but for that, I am only human and my knowledge is finite. Infinitely finite for what it is worth; a speck in the pond of the drop of water on a leaf on a tree in a forest on a planet in a galaxy of the heavens.

I rest.